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Steff Du Bois


Broadly, I am interested in research questions related to marginalization and oppression; health and health behaviors; the health of individuals in romantic relationships; and, health research methodology. I seek to understand and intervene on ineffective health behaviors, and also to understand the micro- and macro-level factors that influence engagement in these health behaviors. I use community-based approaches to research when possible, incorporating community members into my research teams. I focus on individuals from LGBTQ+ groups, as well as racial/ethnic and other minoritized group members.


Illinois Institute of Technology

Co-Principal Investigator. (Steff Du Bois, Karl Stolley, and *Frane Santic) 

Educational and Research Initiative Fund ($25,000), April 2021

Proposal Title: Pilot-testing an App Aiming to Increase Self-Compassion among Sexual and Gender Minority Individuals who Recently HIV-Seroconverted.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Co-Principal Investigator. (Steff Du Bois & *Wren Yoder) 

Lewis College Faculty Research Support Grant ($2,000), November 2019

Proposal Title: Testing a Pilot Intervention Aiming to Increase Transgender Allyship among Future Healthcare Providers.

American Psychological Foundation

Co-Principal Investigator. (Steff Du Bois & *Stephen D. Ramos)

The Drs. Rosalee G. and Raymond A. Weiss Research and Program Innovation Grant ($1,000), December 2018.

Proposal title: Examining Barriers and Facilitators to PrEP Uptake in Sex Workers, using a Community-Based Participatory Research Approach

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Initiatives

Co-Principal Investigator (Steff Du Bois, *Arryn A. Guy, Novie Thomas)

A Subaward of "Training and Development to Engage African Americans with Mental Illness as Research Leaders," ($21,000), December 2017.  P.I., Lindsay Sheehan, $250,000.

Proposal title: Prepare to Thrive: Investigating HIV treatment adherence among African Americans with serious mental illness. 

Adler University

Co-Principal Investigator. (Steff Du Bois & Seema Saigal)

Seed Grant ($3,000), November 2017.

Proposal title: Dyadic, Longitudinal Assessment of Health in Long Distance Relationships

Adler University

Principal Investigator

Seed Grant ($1,817), November 2015. Proposal title: Gender and Health in Long Distance Relationships


The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Principal Investigator

Early Researcher Award ($1,200) March 2013. Proposal title: Long Distance Relationships and Health

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