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My personal and professional values are diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. I am a multi-racial, LGBTQ+ Psychologist. My pronouns are he/they. I work with people from all communities - individuals, couples, other relationship arrangements, and families.


As an Associate Professor of Psychology at The Illinois Institute of Technology, I conduct research on health equity and health in romantic relationships. I frequently use community-based participatory research methods. I teach classes related to diversity, health, and psychotherapy. I also have a psychotherapy private practice, where I see patients virtually. 


I was born in the western suburbs of Chicago, growing up both there and in southwestern Michigan. I attended the University of Michigan, earning my BA in Psychology; the University of Illinois at Chicago, earning my PhD in Clinical Psychology; and, The Family Institute at Northwestern University, as a Postdoctoral Fellow specializing in couple/relationship therapy. I've trained in Veterans Affairs hospitals for multiple years, focusing on trauma and substance use.

I am a tennis player and plant lover - with over 150 plants and trees in my home. 

Dr. Steff Du Bois LGBTQ+ Psychologist smiling with orange background


Diversity, Equity, and Antiracism

Health consequences of laws and policies, racism, oppression, and stigma

Health Behaviors and Psychological Health

Treatment adherence, exercise, sex, 

substance use, depression, anxiety

Health within Romantic Relationships

Health of individuals in long-distance relationships, health behaviors within sexual and gender minority (SGM) relationships

Health Research Methodology

Recruitment, retention, under-represented research populations, community-based participatory research


Empirically Supported Treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and integrative approaches that are research-based. 


Mood, anxiety, substance use, trauma, health, relationships, sex, intimacy


Individuals, partners, sexual and gender minorities (SGM), sex workers, veterans, athletes

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